Flaming Hot Bath Design
December 12, 2012 18:54:37


Especially in winter, baths by candlelight are amazingly soothing. But imagine settling in for a long soak by a fireplace.
Check out this photo showcase to see a range of bathroom hearths that will warm your soul up just by looking at them.





Happy Spalidays!
December 03, 2012 22:46:54

If you're expecting overnight guests for the holidays, consider giving your bathroom a spa treatment to make it more welcoming and cozy.


Give Thanks to Your Feet
November 14, 2012 16:32:49

Thanksgiving kicks off a season of family gatherings, celebrations and . . . marathon cooking sessions that can knock the stuffing out your body as you stand for hours in front of the stove and sink. If you're the cook behind all the culinary magic, treat your feet and legs to an ultra-cushioned, holiday-themed kitchen mat to help reduce fatigue, increase comfort and add a little holiday spirit to your kitchen decór. It's available at select Bed, Bath & Beyond stores.

Small Innovation, Big Impact
November 08, 2012 22:46:17

Every once in awhile we stumble across something so ingeniously simple and smart that we wonder why it took so long for it to be invented and wish we'd been the ones to think of it. This past weekend as some of our team were volunteering to help clean up hurricane debris in city parks, we were handed these Leaf Scoops to help clear lawns. Some volunteers laughed at the silly looking Frisbee claws, but once we started filling leaf bags in just 5 or so scoops, everyone was in awe. While a few among the volunteer corps. were familiar with these "claws," so many weren't that we felt the need to tout these simple tools and urge one and all to run out and get a set as you begin clearing your fall leaves.

True Colors
November 05, 2012 16:00:45


When it comes to decorating your home, color preferences are right up there with style in leading how you appoint each room. The experts at apartmenttherapy.com have a great article on why certain colors you might not expect to pair well—those directly across the color wheel from each other, like purple and yellow—do complement each because of the physiological processes going on behind the way we see. After the brief and very accessible look at the science of how we see color, they present some wonderful photographs showing how some interior designers have worked with color pairings that best work with how our eyes and brain process colors. Among the surprises: reds and greens coming together without screaming holiday season!


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