Happy Holidays
December 22, 2011 14:39:59

Season's Sleepings
December 16, 2011 22:04:57


‘tis the season of joy, fun . . . and sleeplessness as you go into the wee hours to prepare family feasts and wrap the gifts without the kids catching you. But according to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, losing sleep over the holidays can really impact your health.

It’s Microdry to the rescue with its new Sure Sleep Memory Foam HD™ Mattress Topper.

Online décor scrapbook
December 06, 2011 16:53:05


It’s a common hazard of the busy person with a design itch: You spot a great piece of décor in a magazine. You tear out the page to keep as inspiration for your next project. When that time comes, you can’t find the page. Enter: Pinterest.com, avirtual “pin board” where you can gather, arrange and save design looks you find online or scan in yourself from book or magazine pages. You can organize by room, by brand, by color—it’s all up to you. Perhaps best of all, you can explore other Pinterest users’ boards to get even more ideas and inspiration. Pinterest encompasses passions beyond décor, so you can use it to create idea boards for what to cook, where to travel and what to wear too. It’s free to join, but you do have to request an invite that take up to a week to arrive. It's worth the wait.




Everyone Loves A Parade!
November 28, 2011 15:03:31



Especially when it’s the world’s largest one and it marches right by your office doors and windows! Microdry celebrated the 85th anniversary event with a brunch and balloon-watching fest, enjoying an array of tasty treats while sitting along our Sixth Avenue windows to watch the parade march by. Our fourth floor office put us eye-to-eye with most of the balloons including the new ones: Julius, the Paul Smith Monkey and Sonic the Hedgehog. We also had a bird’s eye view of the marching bands, who, after high-stepping it for several miles, we’re probably wishing the route was lined with Memory Foam HD™ bath and kitchen mats.



DIY Season
November 17, 2011 21:40:51


Late fall and early winter can drive many of us inside. The internet and the TV can only keep you entertained for so long. That’s why we find this the perfect time of year to dive into DIY decorating projects to keep busy and enhance your décor. One of our favorite sites for easy and inexpensive home improvement projects is inmyownstyle.com. From remaking an old dresser to creating holiday displays, the site provides clear directions and photography to make each project fun, easy and beautiful. Check it out now:




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